Less than a week until the first final draft is due….and then just about another week until the FINAL version needs to be turned in. And I’m not at all satisfied with where this title is:

“Producing Culture With Film: How Bollywood Came to Budapest”

The second part has the nod of approval from Nitin – phew, because I really like the alliteration and the overall feel of it. But the first part still needs a lot of work *sigh*

Stuff to do by March 8:

  1. check over all footnotes (MLA Handbook)
  2. check over bibliography formatting (MLA Handbook)
  3. full read-throughs and editing
  4. conclusion…I’m really really hesitant about how it is right now :\
  5. table of contents?
  6. abstract?
  7. citations for any images…
  8. finalize section headings
  9. cover page
  10. check transitions
  11. TITLE.
  12. try not to stress out too much…heh.

The day after I turn this in will be a happy day indeed šŸ˜€