Thesis Presentation Powerpoint

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Honors Thesis Presentation Powerpoint





That basically sums it all up.

The end is in sight….

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Wow, I cannot believe this project is due in just a few days! Even though it’s officially due on Friday March 18, I’ll be turning it in one day earlier.

I spent Friday, yesterday, and today going over the whole draft, editing section by section, and doing major (and needed) renovation to the Conclusion section. And FINALLY I’m at a point where I could be satisfied turning it in as is. Of course, I’m sure my last editing meeting on Tuesday will bring up things to change/fix, but oh well… there’s always room for improvement!

And now for the very exciting news of binding! I found out the name of the kind that I want: velo binding ( Heh, I’m sure I’ll get some (well-deserved) teasing about this 🙂

Almost there! Cannot believe it…

Title issues…and I can feel the panic setting in!

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Less than a week until the first final draft is due….and then just about another week until the FINAL version needs to be turned in. And I’m not at all satisfied with where this title is:

“Producing Culture With Film: How Bollywood Came to Budapest”

The second part has the nod of approval from Nitin – phew, because I really like the alliteration and the overall feel of it. But the first part still needs a lot of work *sigh*

Stuff to do by March 8:

  1. check over all footnotes (MLA Handbook)
  2. check over bibliography formatting (MLA Handbook)
  3. full read-throughs and editing
  4. conclusion…I’m really really hesitant about how it is right now :\
  5. table of contents?
  6. abstract?
  7. citations for any images…
  8. finalize section headings
  9. cover page
  10. check transitions
  11. TITLE.
  12. try not to stress out too much…heh.

The day after I turn this in will be a happy day indeed 😀

Reworked Thesis Outline

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I Abstract

II Introduction

Ø      Can add in “Why Hungary” section here (make it easier to tie points together)

Ø      Can also add in “What’s in a Name” section once it’s condensed

III Methodology

Ø      Should put in elements of neoliberalism criticism as well

IV     Media Flows

Ø      Appadurai, Larkin

V    Setting the Scene: 1950s

Ø      Or maybe call this something broader, like “Historical Roots”?

Ø      Combine minor sections (“Golden Age of Cinema,” “Indo-Soviet Relations,” “Hungary in 1956”)

Ø      Maybe even add in “Industrial Trade” section here if the titled is reworked…

VI     Neoliberalism and Cultural Production

Ø      Need to include some critique of neoliberalism when defining/explaining it

Ø      Also should delve into how culture is produced in this case where economic development drives forth a transnational dialogue of India and Hungary

Ø      Combine “Bollywood’s Industrialization” section too – use this to link the history of economic neoliberalism with idea of cultural production but then use it to lead to transnationality of Indo-Hungarian relationship

VII     Bollywood in Hungary

Ø      Film festivals, India Week

Ø      The difference in how India is legitimized/actively acknowledged (as opposed to vice versa)

VIII    Hungary in Bollywood

Ø      Start with summary of Hungary’s film industry growth/history

Ø      Film analysis of clips from Aks and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam – including HDDCS screening

Ø      Use screenshots as visuals

Ø      Use this to link to Elmer/Gasher idea of “national erasure” in cinema (grad school writing sample)

Ø      Act of 2004 and showing where this is going (economic film policies impacting cultural production)

IX     Conclusion

Ø      Limited success of Indo-Hungarian relationship to impact cultural production

Ø      Yet it still provides example of how economic change can (not necessarily will) translate to a cultural exchange

Ø      Emerging phenomenon of media-driven transnational relationship

X     List of Works Cited

Current Argument Framework…WILL CONTINUE THIS!

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So I have to turn in a 20-pg draft by Week 10, approximately two weeks from now…December 1st. Here is the basic structure that I want to follow (right now I have about half of this done):

1. Introduction

-background information etc
-research question
-brief thesis/argument outline

2. Methodology

-short section proposing method of argument and analysis

3. Why Hungary?

-highlighting significance and uniqueness of Indo-Hungarian relations in this context (justifying to the reader why this research project is important or relevant)

a) start of the India-Hungary relations in 1956….is this still something that should go under this heading? Is it better suited for the Historical section?

b) Hungary without a South Asian diaspora; this is a government-driven film conversation

c) Hungary as being a small nation (having to find a different spot for itself in global networks of film production today)

4. What’s in a Name?

-brings up the complexity of the label “Bollywood”, as well as the difference between Hindi cinema and Bollywood

5. Setting the Scene: 1950s

The Golden Age of Hindi Cinema – establish role of Hindi cinema in 1950s, social function etc

Indo-Soviet Relations – summarize blooming interaction; manufacturing-based (sets up the juxtaposition of India’s response to Hungary’s revolt)

Hungary in 1956 –briefly summarize the rebellion, with key figures on both sides

India’s Response – mention official announcements by Nehru, etc; implications for this…maybe mention Kalmar

6. First Exchanges: Bilateral Trade

-this section will briefly develop the main facets of Indo-Hungarian interaction pre-1980s, mainly through industrial trade of steel/metals…and then somehow work in the investment in IT and pharmaceutical?

**I need to figure out a way to make this temporally (but definitely logically) sound….**

7. Economic Shifts: Neoliberalism

Definition – Literature Review on Harvey; point out its benefits/limits

Hungary – how it developed its policies post Communism **NEED to find more articles/text on this**

India – Chatterjee, Bose

8. Earning “Industry” Status

9. Media Exchange: Contemporary Manifestations

10. Hungary Reaps the Benefits

11. The Flow of Media

12. Conclusion

-something absolutely awesome.

S&N, Ch 1: Infrastructure, the Colonial Sublime, and Indirect Rule (Larkin)

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  • “Understanding the provision of infrastructures as a work of state representation as well as a technical process pushes us to examine the conceptual mechanism that lay behind infrastructures and translated these objects into cultural forms” (19-20)

Most of this chapter focuses more on the Nigerian situation, so it was minimally helpful…the best parts were in the introduction and conclusions!

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